Moodlab believes in the power that aesthetics, science and tech can have in well-being. So, we’re using the Total Work of Art approach to developing our products and services as our north star.

This means that we're looking for all of you, fabulous, crazy people pushing the boundaries of [insert here the name of whichever weird creative, artistic, scientific or engineering discipline your work belongs to] 

We believe in the power of collaborations. So, if we ♥︎ your work, we'll find a way to partner up with you. 

However, we find a particular type of work to be more ad-hoc to Moodlab.  Here’s the criteria:

We ♥︎ digital. 
We ♥︎ a physical world enabled by digital even more. 

We ♥︎ people who are obsessed about niche and obscure topics. 
We ♥︎ people who have taken the time to do some proper research in those niche and obscure topics even more (although, not (necessarily) in an academic sense).

We ♥︎ “visionaries”, “innovators”, “disruptors” & “creative technologist” (or whichever euphemism you might use to refer to yourself on LinkedIn). 
We ♥︎ those who have bothered to build their thing and see how it works in the real world even more. 

We ♥︎ people capable of creating beautiful & stimulating work. 
We ♥︎ it even more when this work's primary recipient is a user that is not the author. Trying to unpack that, we care less about how, whatever you do, affects you, (e.g. how your relationship with your tortoise was key to your understanding of time-space), and more about the effect that your work has on other people. 

We don't really care where in the world you're located. 
However, we're based in London, so being around here would help a lot. 

And that's pretty much it. 

We're always up for chats, so do reach out. 


MoodLab team 

Here’s a few people we have worked with in the past or that we’re currently collaborating with.


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